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E5   GPRS/Wi-Fi Remote Switch
Remote Power Control
You can plug in any home appliance to the E5, and turn it on/off via its iOS or Android smartphone app anywhere in the world.
GPRS / WiFi Network
Easy & Simple
GPRS Version:
Simply insert a regular SIM card into the E5, download the smartphone app from either App Store or Google Play for free, and tap on your E5 app to connect your E5.
WiFi Version:
Just swipe and tap on your E5 app to connect your E5 to your WiFi router, and you are ready for smart and green living!
Smart Expansion
One main switch can connect up to 15 sub plugs via a secure, proprietary wireless protocol, and you can rename them and associate them with real-life photos on the app for easy appliance control on the go.
Smart Living
With Chuango E5, you will never find yourself returning to a dark living room after a long workday, or a stuffy dorm room on a sweltering summer afternoon again. You deserve to live in style and enjoy smart energy savings at the same time.
Remote Wonders
The E5 app is simple and intuitive to use, and you can turn appliances on/off at will anywhere anytime, or pre-set on/off schedules for multiple appliances any way you like.
Smart & Green
One Chuango E5 system can be controlled by multiple family members via their respective smartphones; you can set your own power profile to fit your daily routine, and so can your loved ones. Don't delay – get yourself a Chuango E5 now and download the app for free!

System Items

E5-GPRS or E5-WIFI Remote Switch x1
E5-PW Slave Device x1


Model No.  E5-GPRS; E5-WiFi
AC Input/Output AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum Loading Current 13A
Maximum Rated Power 3250W
Radio Frequency 868MHz
Transmitting Distance ≤80m (in open area)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +55°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ +70°C
Relative Humidity < 80% (no condensing)
Housing Material PC+ABS Plastic
Dimensions 136 X 81 X 44mm (not include plug part)