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OV-300 Smart WiFi Alarm System

Simplicity, Scalability, Security Anywhere, Anytime

This Smart WiFi Alarm System is ideal for protecting homes, apartments or small businesses. The kit comes with a smart hub, one door/window sensor, and one remote control/fob. You can add optional wireless accessories as your needs evolve. The smart hub connects easily to your WiFi network; and when any sensor is triggered, you get notifications right away, so you are always in the know no matter where you are.

Main Features

* Easy setup in minutes — without specialized tools or professional installers
* Real-time alerts on your smartphone when any detector is triggered
* Quick customizations for any residential/housing type
* Convenient control of the system and other smart devices in the free "DreamCatcher Life" app
* Smart home scenes and automatic rules of multiple smart devices in the app
* Direct compatibility with Amazon® Alexa and the Google® Assistant to arm, disarm, home arm the alarm system, just with your voice
* Intuitive sharing devices among family members

  • Easy WiFi link and simple setup

  • Door/window open detection

  • Smartphone app control anywhere

  • Interaction with other smart devices in the app

  • Connect up to 50 sensors and 10 remote controls
How It Works
New App, New Experience

DreamCatcher Life is an app that can remotely control a variety of wireless smart devices. Through a simple and fast network connection, you can remotely manage and control various smart devices at home. There are multiple preset one-tap scenes in the app, and you can also customize more automatic rules to create a safe and worry-free smart home life.

Smart Home & Security
Technical Specifications
Smart Hub

Power Supply: 5-12Vdc 6W (Adapter included)
Backup Batteries: 4 pcs of AA Alkaline batteries
Siren: 97 decibels
Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4G
Radio Frequency: 433MHz (Europe) or 315MHz
Optional Accessories: 10 Remote Controls, 50 Sensors
Installation: Placement on any flat surface
Operating Conditions: temperature 0°C to 50°C, humidity 80% RH
Dimensions: 150 x 50 x 82 mm (L x W x H)

In the Box

Smart Hub x 1
Remote Control x 1
Door/Window Sensor x 1