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Chuango Official Distribution Partners Announcement

May 30, 2016 C Amsterdam & Fuzhou C In an ongoing effort to safeguard the legal and commercial interests of Chuango and its distribution partners worldwide, Chuango Security Technology Corporation issues this announcement that effective immediately all authorized distributors or resellers of Chuango products would have one of these two marks, with a corresponding identification number. 

Chuango is dedicated to providing its distribution and OEM partners with genuine, quality, and properly warranted and serviced wireless DIY home security systems and sensors, said Ken Li, founder and CEO. In the best interest of both Chuango and Chuango authorized partners, we provide these authorized labels to ensure all our clients, distribution and retail channels, as well as end users enjoy the full benefits of Chuango products and services.

All authorized distributors and resellers have obtained products directly from Chuango designated logistics hubs. These labels should be visible on promotional materials, websites and business correspondence, and are regularly checked to ensure no contractual terms and obligations have been violated, said Hayden Hsu, SVP Strategy and Marketing. If you suspect someone is operating in your designated territory without Chuango endorsement, please contact your account manager or marketing@chuango.com immediately.

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