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[Statement] Chuango Banned Selling on China B2C Webshops to Oversea Market

Dear All,

In order to maintain the market stability, Chuango banned any China B2C Webshops selling to oversea market from early this year. Please be kindly noted again that Chuango Security don't have any authorized wholesalers such as Ali-express, DH gate, e-Bay, Amazon etc registered in China under any other company name for webshop selling to overseas' customers. Those webshops registered in China are selling to customers with illegally-obtained promotional material for Chuango site.
Chuango has adjusted its language system for its China domestic market; there is only Chinese version system available for domestic market. Chuango will not give any guarantee over any purchase for Chuango products from online webshops registered in China. And Chuango don't have any responsibility to offer warranty and technical support for such purchase.
For our local distribution or wholesaler channels, please kindly send your inquiry to our official email address: sales@chuango.com; we will come back to you in 24 hours.

Chuango Security Technology Co., Ltd

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